Get Emotional Wisdom & Live YOUR purpose!

My mission is to encourage, educate and cultivate biblical emotional wisdom, especially in the areas of identity, purpose, boundaries, relationships, self-care and healthy coping skills. 

Why? Because this leads to freedom! As a licensed physician specializing in psychiatry, I have been blessed with the ability and the opportunity to help people get free. Let me help you do the same!

7 Simple Coping Skills for Christians

You know how sometimes your feelings just get the better of you? And before you know it, you've done it again (whatever "it" is for you--that behavior you keep trying to quit... It could be roadrage eating for comfort having a meltdown or tantrum (in public or private) binge watching TV  looking to social media for emotional support controlling everyone and everything around you As Christians, we want people to see Christ in us. Here are a few ways to manage thoughts and emotions that honor God, ourselves and others.   
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4 Lies Christians Believe That Make Us Prone to Say Yes When We Need to Say No.

·        Are you worn out trying to please people? ·        Are you tired of saying "Yes" when you really want (or need) to say "No?" ·        Are you spending your time on things that wear you down? ·        Are you tired of trying to avoid dealing with what is really going on? ·        Are you ready to live your God-given purpose? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes," I would love to help you move forward! I offer short-term customized coaching to help you take your BEST next step forward, and also a group course in learning how, when and why to say no and still honor God and others--there is Peace in NOing!
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Peace in NOing Masterclass

You know when someone asks you to do something and you either don’t feel comfortable doing it, or you don’t want to do it?  But you just say, “Yes,” like you always do? And then after you say, “Yes,” you get angry with yourself and resent that person for asking you, as you know they knew you would say “yes?”  Then you go down that familiar path of feeling overwhelmed, trying to figure out where you’ll make time for this new responsibility.  Are you a Christian who has trouble saying no and as a result, you are chronically distracted from your God-given purpose by overwhelming commitments?  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify and resolve the underlying reasons that you struggle to say no, so you can live YOUR purpose!   By the end of this course, you will be confident in when, why and how to let your yes be yes and your no be no—free of guilt or resentment, and still honor God and others! Kim says: “I’ve been saying yes to so many things my whole life for fear of letting others down or feeling guilty for not being there. All those times I’ve said yes, I’ve been saying no to something else…. I feel very confident after lots of prayer and searching through my past feelings that I can see where this all stems from as a child. It’s really amazing to see how easy it is to work through once you realize it and how to deal with it!”                                                       Dianne says "You have changed my life! Years later, I'm still using what you taught me about boundaries! Thank you so much!"  Let me teach you the peace in NOing! Learn how, when and why to say no while honoring God and others in this 4-week LIVE online group coaching course!
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